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The Dazzling YYFITT 3-In-1 Folding Exercise Bike Is Unbelievable


  • 2020 New Upgrade: This is a new look with better specifications 2-in-1 fitness exercise bike
  • 2-IN-1: This indoor fitness bike can adjust between Upright and Semi-Recumbent type
  • XL Backrest: This is the largest backrest equipped on exercise bike. Fully support your back, comfort and ease the potential pain on your back
  • One more thing: The backrest is also adjustable and it has two heights for you to choose, so people can find a comfortable position to support their back
  • Arm resistance bands, smooth and quiet cycling, compact and foldable design, exercise monitor with phone and tablet holder, it has all included and it is fit for people’s leg from 65cm with 120kgs weight support

Yyfitt 3In1 Folding Exercise Bike

The YYFITT 2-in-1 foldable fitness exercise bike is sleek, stylish and versatile. It’s dual-purpose use, allows for flexibility and makes a great piece of equipment for a beginner or someone looking to get the most out of the space in their home. It’s reasonable price tag means you won’t break the bank, but it gives you that peace of mind knowing that you’re investing in something sturdy and worthwhile.

It comes with a range of handy features, in particular how quiet it is to use, as well as the adjustable XL backrest, meaning you can find a comfortable and supportive position when exercising.

It’s also foldable, which is great for storage and hiding away when you don’t want to think about exercise!

And the phone holder comes in very useful if like me, you use your phone for music when working out and don’t want to have a bulky phone shoved in your pockets.

If you’re looking for something with loads of fancy performance features, this exercise bike might not be the one for you, however if you’re looking for a reliable and comfortable starter machine, then I highly recommend considering this piece of equipment.

Yyfitt 3In1 Folding Exercise Bike  Yyfitt 3In1 Folding Exercise Bike

Benefits of the Exercise Bike

It supports heart health

Biking at a moderate effort level for 150 minutes each week helps your heart stay healthy, as stated by the American Heart Association (AHA)Trusted Source. If you pedal harder, you only need to ride for 75 minutes a week for the same benefits.

Aim to ride 10 miles per hour or fasterTrusted Source for your workout to count as a “vigorous effort.”

It lowers blood pressure and cholesterol

Pedaling on an exercise bike can help bring down high blood pressure and unhealthy cholesterol levels, says the AHATrusted Source. Lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels reduce your chance of stroke and heart attack.

Put in at least 120 minutes of moderate to vigorous cycling per week for these benefits.

It burns calories.

The calories you burn while riding depend on how hard and how long you bike. According to the Calorie Control Council’s Get Moving! Calculator, a 150-pound person biking for half an hour with “light effort” burns about 170 calories. The calorie burn for “moderate effort” rises to 239 calories.

Biking harder increases the calories burned during your workout. A tougher ride also ups the amount of calories you burn for hours after you’re done. That’s right, you can burn calories while you rest! This bonus calorie-burning benefit depends entirely on how hard you bike.

Following a 45-minute bout of cycling at a challenging pace, 10 men in their 20s and 30s continued to burn far more calories than normal for 14 hours, according to research published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise.

This after-exercise increase in calorie burning only happens after a vigorous cycling effort.

It’s gentle on joints.

Your joints will thank you for the smooth, continuous motion of pedaling on an exercise bike.

Low-impact exercises, including stationary biking, tend to be easier on muscles and joints than high-impact exercises like running and jumping rope. If you can’t do high-impact exercises, the exercise bike is a great alternative.

If you already do high-impact activities, you might consider adding some lower-impact workouts into your regular exercise routine. This may reduce your chances of dealing with potential pain or strain from repetitive, high-impact workouts.

Remember, low-impact doesn’t need to equal low-intensity! Pedal harder, pedal faster, and pedal for longer amounts of time, and you stand to make some serious fitness gains.

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