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The Underrated TCL TABMAX 10.4 Tablet Is Absolutely Amazing

  • Wider Screen for Visual Joy – With an ultra-wide 10.36 inch FHD+ screen, this large tablet allows you to enjoy vivid visuals in the stunning 2K resolution (2000 x 1200). The incredible 8.3 mm narrow bezels and Hi-Res Audio provides a premium viewing experience for all senses. This tablet can reduce eye fatigue during prolonged screen time. The unique NXTVISION display makes the screen more eye-friendly (low blue light, reading mode) while keeping colors rich.
  • Keep All of What You Like – This tcl tablet comes with a massive 256GB built-in ROM storage,and can be expanded up to 512GB with a 256GB microSD card (sold separately). You will never run out of space for your precious memories on this large memory tab.
  • Fast Charge, Power for All Day Fun – TCL TABMAX 10.4 works as a superb gaming tablet with an 8000mAh long-lasting battery, one single charge can support up to 8 hours of online video streaming or 5 hours of online game play.
  • Multitask Smoothly – This android 11 tablet is powered by the robust Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 Octa-Core processor with up to 2.0GHz frequency. You can multitask and switch between apps smoothly with the Android 11 system and 6GB Ram Storage. Perfect for watching videos, playing games and reading e-books.
  • High Definition Video Calls – Enjoy video calls with a powerful front-facing 8MP camera while dual speakers that let you hear clearly. This 10+ inch tablet is your go-to choice for remote business conferences and video calls with family and friends. The centre camera and auto-framing always keep as many members as possible in the frame. Snap daily moments with a 13MP rear camera equipped with LED flash so you won’t miss evening memories.

The Underatter Tcl Tabmax 10.4 Tablet Is Absolutely Amazing

Design And Build Quality

In terms of design, TCL TAB Max did not offer much, but it still looks beautiful and modern with some touches that make it really look professional, the body is built of grey aluminum alloy on both sides and I feel high quality not cheap. The frame, it’s thin with a thickness of 7.7mm, while the full dimensions of the tablet are 247.8*157.56mm and weigh 470g is lightweight compared to other tablets, despite its thinness and lightweight, it’s still very strong, it does not contain have any kind of protection but is durable, withstands shocks and rough use but don’t get excited about too much. On the front, it has a large 10.36-inch screen and an 8.0MP front camera in the middle of the top for taking selfies and video chats. And the other side, as we mentioned, is a clean metal body with a 13.0MP rear camera with a flash in the upper left corner with a slight bump, and at the corner, there is the TCL logo.

As for the ports and buttons, there is the USB-C charging port, power button, volume up / down, microphones, a sim / microSD tray, and quad speakers. If you notice the 3.5mm audio jack is missing, that means either you have to use wireless headphones or a USB-C to 3.5mm adapter.


The TCL TAB Max 10.4 works on near-stock Android 11 with little bloatware pre-installed, full-screen gesture navigation controls, dark themes, split-screen view, and contains most of the features that come with the system, the most important of which is the presence of all Google services, Making the tablet experience smoother and more personalised.

As I always say, the stock Android system is best for cheap devices, with a simple and smooth launcher for better performance, especially it’s without pre-installed apps or games, I really hate this because of the large number of ads, but has only TCL Kids, designed for three to fifteen-year-olds that includes parental controls as well as cartoons, storybooks, audio stories, STEM lessons, and loads of puzzles.


If we talk about performance, TCL TAB Max 10.4 offers great performance in most of its basic and entertainment uses such as browsing the web, watching videos on YouTube, using social media applications, and reading e-books, as everything worked efficiently and without facing any problems with stopping applications or high degrees.

Most of the applications ran very quickly and thanks to the eMMC 256GB storage capacity and it’s the biggest I’ve seen in a mid-cost Chinese tablet, it would be suitable for installing any application you need, with the ability to expand via a Micro SD card to 256GB. In short, the capacity it offers is very good and you do not have to think about choosing, and for this price, it’s a good deal.

And for multitasking, browsing between applications was smooth because it is equipped with a 6GB RAM LPDDR4X which is more than enough for most of the tasks that you can do with a tablet such as keeping many applications or large games running in the background. In Short, this tablet will give you a very positive experience.

The Underatter Tcl Tabmax 10.4 Tablet Is Absolutely Amazing


So far, the overall rating of the TCL TAB Max tablet is more than great, but this does not mean that its ideal, especially when we are talking about a medium-cost tablet, in terms of the front and back cameras, you can say it’s bad, not big different from other tablets, the back contains a 13.0MP Sensor with 1080p video recording, this camera is working but you will only use it essentially because the quality is a low comparison of a smartphone released in recent years.

There is an 8.0MP sensor on the front for 1080p video calls or taking selfies, although I was disappointed because of its low quality with some noise while recording from the microphone, it’s okay.

In short, this tablet is not intended for photography and I cannot complain more because the cameras are expected to be this bad and this is common in this type of device, only I should have warned about that. However, lighting is very important to show the best result from both cameras.

The Underatter Tcl Tabmax 10.4 Tablet Is Absolutely Amazing

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