24 Great Ideas for Sensory Bottles or Calm Down Toys -

24 Great Ideas for Sensory Bottles or Calm Down Toys

Celebrate Earth Day with these great sensory bottles

Make a galaxy sensory bottle with just three ingredients

Make an easy night light for the rom with a glowing sensory bottle

Or go with a jellyfish sensory bottle

Make a cute aquarium-themed sensory bottle Summer will be here, and you can make these great summer sensory bottles

This sensory bottle features falling hearts!

This color-mixing rainbow sensory bottle is great for learning about colors or play

Create a game with these “catch-the-dinosaur” sensory bottles

Goodnight Moon’s classic story can inspire a themed sensory bottle

This beautiful sensory bottle features a rainbow sky and clouds

Create a rainstick sensory bottle with naturally-sourced materials

Calm with the shells in these sensory bottles

You can make a sensory bottle with slowly-moving beads

Sun and rain can be created in these great sensory bottles

Let it go with the Frozen sensory bottle complete with snowflakes

Explore emotions with this set of emotive sensory bottles

Use a glittering meditation mind jar to help clear the mind

Incorporate dice in this Dungeons and Dragons-themed sensory bottle

This sensory bottle is as glittery as a mermaid tail

Use highlighters and other ingredients to make a glowing black light sensory bottle

LEGOs take on new life in this LEGO sensory bottle

Make a fun spring game with a look-and-find spring sensory bottle