30 Funny Quotes for Your Social Shares -

30 Funny Quotes for Your Social Shares

Now I feel weird.

Make it stop, please.

Think strategically.

1,0000000000 calories later.

YEP! They still will though. Oh let’s invent this technology. So lit. Spoiler.


Longest 60 minutes of my life.

Nah, they love them.

I thought there were a lot of fish in the sea.

Food heals.

My partner about Sims.

Come on, common sense.

                                                  The jeans…no, the friendship. Both?You know why. It was a poor choice. Sad facts.

I want it.Shoutout to them always being there for me.

But let’s like the one that did!

Hmm.Let’s hope!All of the things. Yep. Or even a cat. Can’t it burn calories? Is that too much to ask? Here, do the dishes.


Who is out there for me?