Nine times out of ten when a Musky decides it’s going to eat a Trout, the Musky is going to eat a Trout.

Ok I’ll admit I don’t know what’s happening with this Musky vs Trout video. These two fish are either fighting or involved in some passionate love making. I mean can you tell? I’ve seen crazier sex positions on 42nd Street in my native New York back in the day.

It looks like the Musky, which is a type of fish but also a term used in the foot fetish world so you go figure, is trying to eat the Trout. Or the Trout is trying to burrow through the musky. Either way I don’t know who’s winning in the pleasure or pain department. It actually reminds me of that video where the snake ate the alligator. It was a mess. In a situation like that there can be no winner.

Now let’s talk about the real tragedy here. How come none of these other fish are saying anything? They’re just going about their day. Everything’s normal. There’s barely so much as an eye blink.

Let’s translate this to the human world for a second. You’re walking down the street and you see some small dude trying to either furiously penetrate a big dude or maybe the big guy is trying to swallow the little guy whole, no chewing. So you see this, what do you do? You minimally offer a look of disapproval right? But these fish! Nothing. Just keep swimming with those dumb looks on their face. I’m sorry but no. It’s wrong. Just a sure indicator that the world is going to crap and these fish could care less.

Wow maybe I’m getting a little too worked up. Well. Enjoy watching two fish hump or fight! You decide.

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