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35 Hilarious Funny Memes for Every High School and College Student

Need to take a break from every day school? Need some memes to make fun of teachers, principals and parents? Check out this huge collection of  hilariously funny student memes that you can share with all your friends to blow off some steam. 

Funny Student Meme Picturing A Chessboard And A Student Teacher Conversation


Funny Student Meme Showing A Blank Presentation Captioned By When All The Lazy Students Get Put In The Same Presentation Group

They all let themselves down.

Funny Student Meme Featuring An Aircraft Emergency Exit Placard Captioned Thinking About My Upcoming Exam And Assignment Deadlines Like


Newton'S Fourth Law Meme Stating A Student In Bed Will Remain In Bed Until Acted Upon By A Large Enough Panic

When panic comes…watch out!

Pie Chart Of My Study Student Meme

Oh, I remember those days.

Meme Showing A Duck Looking Nervous Pointing At Himself Captioned My Reaction When Teacher Asks Me To Answer The Question


Student Meme Of A Student Sitting In Front Of A Projector Captioned I'M So Tired Give Me An A

Every student’s feels.

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Meme Featuring And Old Man Writing In A Huge Book Captioned That Moment When You Find An Easy Exam Question

Going to nail it.

Picture Of Daenyres From Game Of Thrones Looking Annoyed Captioned When The Most Annoying Person In Class Won'T Shut Up


Picture Of Reese Witherspoon Looking Happy Vs Looking Upset Captioned Me On First Day Of University Vs Last Day Of Sememster

Hit you hard.

Picture Of Child Reading On A Chair Next To A Child Reading While Lying Prone On A Carpet Captioned How I Start To Study And Then After 5 Minutes

Yep, and hurting that back at the same time!

Image Of Two Kids Passing Notes Captioned What Teachers See Vs Image Of Fast And Furious Scene When Someone Was Jumping From A Tanker Truck To A Car Captioned How We Feel

A grand mission.

Sponge Bob Dressed In Royal Gown Captioned When Your Teacher Uses Your Assignment As An Example For What To Do Right Student Meme

I’m such a great example.

Image Of Statute With Wide Eyes And Taking Notes Captioned When The Teacher About To Switch The Powerpoint Slide And You Still Not Done Taking Notes.

Please stop.

Student Meme Of Someone Wrapped In Duvet With Several Books And Notes Open Spread Out


Harry Potter Themed Funny Student Meme

Hermoine didn’t like that.

Meme Showing A Student Napping Next To Open Books Captioned I Have To Stop Procrastinating And Do All Of This Work

Snug as a bug.

Student Meme Of Poorly Painted Road Captioned When You Know You'Ve Not Done Well But You'Re Just Proud You'Ve Finished Your Assignment

It’s done. Look at it.

Student Memes Showing Difference Between Good Bad And Students Who Get Teachers To Talk

A legend.

Funny Student Meme Featuring Student Acronyms Mwf And Tr

They don’t know you!

Funny Student Meme Show How Someone Feels After Solving 2 Problems In Math

I’m a great mathematician.

Funny Student Meme Featuring A Student In A Howitzer Aiming At A Teacher Ready To Grade His Essay An F

Hit you with that!

3 Mr. Bean Pictures Depicting Whole Year, Night Before Exam And During Exam In Funny Student Meme

What went on?

Funny Student Meme Explaining Why Can'T And Cannot Are His Answer To Everything

Nailed it.

Funny Student Meme Featuring A Chipmunk Crawling Helplessly Captioned Must...make It... Until Graduation


Funny When Someone

Let’s do this again.

Funny When Sleep

So you do both.

Funny Student One Minute


Funny Submitting Essay Like

Goodbye trash.

Funny Do Stuff

Do the thing.

Funny Read Pages


Funny Icy Slides

There’s the difference.

Funny Pretend Thinking

Thinking hard…

Funny Sent From Phone

We all have done it.

Funny After

Nailed it!

Funny Lot Of People College


Funny Double Check

It’s not happening.

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