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Originally posted on October 12, 2017 @ 6:05 pm

34 Funny Images for Anyone with Student Loans – Student Loans Memes

Oh we’ve all been there coyote. We’ve all been there.



They’re always lurking, waiting, making me cry.



If they do, all of the debt will be for nothing. I guess a corpse can’t pay debt though!



Somehow I think this hackathon would be widely accepted.



Consider it an even trade.



“He made $16.00 the other day, and once your mom won $5 on a scratch-off so yeah, no money.”



It’s the scariest thing ever. More scarier than White Walkers. 



Why isn’t this the target!



Of course, if you’re a wizard, you can magic your debt away. 



She’s a victim of student loans.



They’ll throw the bills in your grave!



Or “interest” 



Everything is fine. Just..fine. 



Well they did what THEY loved and the money is flowing..



Fanciest most expensive hat I ever bought.



We can go to the backyard!



I’ll be 70 next week!



Maybe super size it. 



This isn’t going to work.



Could get you a free trip to the hospital…until you know, the bill.



The meal of thousands.



What, you need another statue? A fancy set of brochures? Nah.



All it takes is your SOUL.



And they’re like Yeah but no.



The crushing realization we all have.



I don’t know who this is..



I got you, Erin. I know what you mean.



I can make a $1.07 payment today.



Yep, whittled away that first $50.00. Nice.



I refuse to acknowledge you.



Cry. Just cry.



Nah, I know I can’t..



Come on, you know I don’t. You see the income report!



One bonus to a bad situation.

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