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13 Thanksgiving DIY Projects

Thanks Pumpkinpiegarland

Thanksgiving pumpkin pie garland

Thanks Table Pumpkin

Pumpkin table decoration out of wine corks

Thanks Metallic Wreath

DIY metallic Thanksgiving leaf wreath

Thanks Indian Wreath

Homemade Indian corn wreath for your door

Thanks Corn Husk Wreath

Or a corn husk wreath on the door for a more neutral design

Thanks Cornucopia

Wow, this baked Thanksgiving cornucopia is amazing

Thanks Flowers

DIY Thanksgiving flowers will accent the porch or any room nicely

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Thanks Napking Rings

Make your table festive with these easy-t0-make napkin rings

Thanks Pie Place Cards

Can these mini pumpkin pie table placecards be any cuter?

Thanks Vase

What’s a Thanksgiving table without a centerpiece? Try this pumpkin centerpiece!

Thanks Paper Bag

Are luminaries just for Christmas or Halloween? Never! Make your own DIY Thanksgiving luminaries now out of paper bags

Thanks Mason Luminary

Or maybe use a classic crafting choice, the Mason jar to make your fall luminary

Thanks Light Up Pumpkin

A great Thanksgiving centerpiece is this lit-up pumpkin





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