Meet The Thermo Tent

Damn near every Tent I have ever used has been nothing short of a pain in the ass. It has actually gotten to the point that I normally just sleep in a Sleeping Bag in the back of my Truck. Maybe it’s because I dont want to spend 500$ on a Tent, who knows… Well meet the Thermo Tent. This monster of a Tent pretty much looks like it might be one of the best Tents ever. So it’s probably expensive. As far as I know it’s still on Kickstarter and has not yet gone into production. You can check it out at the Thermo Tent Website if you want.


Meet The Thermo Tent – Video

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Something used to really annoy me about my various ‘reputable’ tents. Once the temperature dropped outside they immediately became like ice boxes inside.

Once the sun hit them directly they were like ovens inside. And whenever I camped in a large campsite, I might as well have invited everyone in as there was no acoustic barrier between us and the outside world.

Imagine, nothing to muffle noise going in or out!

So I have essentially married brand new and innovative insulation technology with our new multi layer tent design, and Thermo Tent is the result.

It is the world’s first (correctly) thermally and acoustically insulated tent. Thermo Tent is the world’s very first properly (thermally & acoustically) insulated tent. We have helped to reduce or even to eradicate the spikes in temperature that occur in normal tents. Our ground breaking insulation technology helps to muffle the noise transfer in & out of the tent. No more freezing nights and unbearably hot mornings. Reduced noise levels from busy campsites. Our tents are scheduled to be used everywhere from Base Camp on Everest to the depths of the African jungle in 2015 so you can be sure that the experts have literally given us their stamp of approval. – Source


meet the thermo tent 004

The tent can comfortably hold a family of six with an uninsulated porch adjacent to the insulated sleeping area

meet the thermo tent 003

Derek O’Sullivan had the idea for this design after being woken by the cold while camping with his famiily

meet the thermo tent 005

The Thermo Tent is easy to assemble but still holds up to high winds

meet the thermo tent 006

Insulation flaps can be opened to increase ventilation as needed

meet the thermo tent 007

Large windows allow the family to enjoy their view while keeping them safe from the elements

meet the thermo tent 002

This novel design lines the inner walls with insulation just like a house to maintain cool temperatures in the summer and warm temperatures in the winter meet the thermo tent 001

A carpet floor in addition to the insulated shell helps maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the night

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