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04 Ariana

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Most children love movies, some prefer cartoons and some want to read books based on the Disney characters they adore. Even in all those different things each child prefers, none have been able to evoke the emotion that this 10 year old experienced when her parents gave her a book. What was so moving in this book?

02 Ariana

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She may have been in the dark but her parents knew exactly how she was going to react so they decided they were going to capture the moment. They set up a camera in front of her where she was seated at the table which made her a little confused so her dad had to explain what was about to happen.

06 Ariana

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Her dad told her that they were going to hand her a book which she needed to read out-loud to them,word for word and page by page.  So, she started reading the book and it began the following way “My New Best Friend. Author: Mommy. Illustrator: Daddy. This book was made for a very special daughter”. It was a heartwarming start.

05 The Book

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The book continued “I know it’s been a long journey just you by yourself, only Mommy and Daddy all to yourself”. The three pictures illustrated by daddy showed the three of them holding hands. Do you have a clue? Because their daughter still did not get where this book was going. At this point, her parents were waiting for her to get to the good stuff.

10 Ariana

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Ariana kept reading out-loud, “With so many adventures you can tell, I can’t wait to hear, so please, please do tell”. Who couldn’t wait to hear her stories? Who wanted to know all about Ariana’s  adventures? Her parents surely could hardly contain their excitement, “keep reading Ariana, read outloud”, daddy kept saying.

07 The Book

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The book was starting to reach it’s end, it began becoming more clearer who was talking to Ariana but she did not realize as she read, “I hear you’re smart and kind, with a heart full of love. It’s all I could wish from up above. Someone to look up to and teach me new things, like how to be the best person I can be”.

09 The Book

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Daddy illustrated in the book a pair of question marks, one pink and one blue and they knew by the next page she would know what the big secret in the book was. She continued to read “Being an only child has come to an end because mommy is due for your new best friend”. Did Ariana realize the surprise?

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11 Ariana

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Ariana’s voice cracked and she could no longer contain herself, the ball had dropped and she realized what she had just read. She could hardly read this last part,”You will be my big sister, you see. And I’m so excited to be hand-by-hand, just sissy and me”. Ariana responded in the sweetest way to her new role as big sister…

13 Ariana

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Ariana was crying so much that her parents were not sure whether she was sad or overcome with happiness, so they asked, “Whats wrong? Are you sad? Are those happy tears?” and Ariana nodded yes to the last question. Her mom came forward to give her a hug and her dad came to kiss her on the cheek. Could this get any better?

15 Ariana

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They showered Ariana with more presents, a t-shirt that was written “Awesome daughters get promoted to big sisters” and a new bracelet with a silver heart shaped charm. Ariana was still sobbing so her dad asked her, “I thought you wanted to be a big sister”. But did Ariana really want to be?

18 Ariana And Her Mom

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Sometimes when you are overcome with real emotion your response may not seem to be what is appropriate in a certain situation but as soon as you calm down you can clarify your real feelings and that is what happened with Ariana as soon she could talk she shouted out “I am going to be a big sister”, she was so happy.

16 Ariana And Her Mom

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As she was composed and putting on her jewelry her dad, who was back to recording the whole reaction, asked if she had anything to say to her new brother or sister, Ariana kept only shouting out “I am going to be a big sister”. Her parents were thrilled at her reaction so much so that they threw a gender-reveal party.

19 Ariana

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At the gender reveal party they were all dressed in bright summer celebration colors and they hid the color that represented the gender of the baby inside the cake. Ariana was in the dark just like everyone in the crowd about the gender of the baby. It must have been both a never-wrecking and exciting experience for her.

20 Arianas Family

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They all held the knife’s handle together and started cutting the cake. They sliced on one side and then went on to  slice the other side. The family then went on to lift the slice to reveal the color inside of which blue would be a boy and pink would be a girl. They lifted the slice and it was pink! It’s a girl!

08 The Book 1

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This definitely goes down in the history books as one of the greatest reveals of all time. Ariana’s excitement is promising for her being a great big sister who loves and cares about her sibling. The little one is in great hands because of her loving parents who brought up Ariana to have a big heart.



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