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12 Great DIY Halloween Costume Ideas
Diy Sushicostume

Make a no-sew sushi DIY halloween costume with these instructions.

Diy Etcostume

Share your love of E.T. and make this DIY costume for under $50 with this guide.

Diy Operationcostume

Do you remember the game Operation? This is a clever costume that is drenched into nostalgia – get the tips here.

Diy Wackyinflatable

Become a wacky waving inflatable tube man with this easy DIY Halloween costume.

Diy Jellybeancostume

Want a sweet DIY Halloween costume? Make yourself into a bag of Jelly Bellies or jelly beans! It’s just a clear plastic trash and some colorful balloons!

Diy Mermaidcostume

It’s not Ariel, but it’s an adorable no-sew mermaid costume — just follow the DIY instructions here.

Diy Pineapplecostume

Stand tall, be sweet, wear a crown — be a pineapple with this DIY Halloween costume.

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Diy Gumballcostume

You can create this gumball machine DIY halloween costume.

Diy CactusThis is a costume that can be made for adults or children. Check out this DIY cactus.


Diy Spiderandweb

This set of spider and spiderweb DIY halloween costumes are adorable – learn how to make it here.

Diy Jellyfishcostume

Can you believe this easy DIY Halloween costume of a jellyfish? Get the instructions here.

Diy Minioncostume

Love the minions? Why not make a no-sew Halloween costume featuring your favorite yellow characters?



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