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10 Creative DIY Halloween ProjectsDiy Creepy Dolls

Make a spooky ghostly figure to sit outside.

Diy Make A Spell BookGet the perfect decoration with a DIY spell book decoration

Diy Handprint ClingsMake a clever DIY bloody handprint cling

Diy Head In A Jar

Create a creepy head in a jar for a Halloween prank or party decoration


Craft some eerie DIY Halloween candles with dollar store suppliesDiy Trashbag Spiderwebs

Turn ordinary trash bags into spider webs – a perfect kids DIY Halloween project!

Diy Mike Myers

Make a lifelike Michael Myers window decoration to scare passerbys

Make Your Own Funny Memes Here!

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Diy Snake Wreath

Turn some plastic snakes into a ghoulish outdoor wreath

Diy Venus Fly TrapTurn a plastic pumpkin into a venus fly trap candy holder

Diy Cardboard Tombstones

You can never go wrong with DIY Halloween tombstones

Diy Skull Scones

Add some DIY skull sconces to make your Halloween decor truly spooky




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