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13 Funny Puns That’ll Inspire Clever Memes

A Lexophile is a term used to describe people who are clever with words. Some examples of what a Lexophile would say are “you can tune a piano but you can’t tuna fish” or “to write with a broken pencil is pointless”. While these Lexophiles spend hours coming up with these clever puns, the rest of us comparative dyslexics, are just looking to laugh at a few funny puns and or clever memes over our lunch breaks. Check out our collection of 13 hilarious funny puns and clever memes below!

Funny puns that’ll make you pee!

Both a funny pun and a motivational quote!

Dying to try out that latest hair color!

This travesty will never be forgotten.

It’s probably because he had a soft landing!

It’s also needs the wheel to keep going.

If he’s still alive, those doctors are miracle workers!

They need to be put away for 18 years for that!

A perfectly reasonable “egg”-spectation.

But will it?

Match made in Lexophilic heaven.

No wonder they were given out!

That’s sentence above is pretty harsh if you ask me! No funny pun intended here!

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