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These 15 Quotes are Spot On

Auto Correct Can Go Straight To He'Ll Quote

Are you ducking kidding with that, autocorrect?

Outfit That Doesn'T Make Me Look Good Quote

I guess all of the outfits on my floor just don’t work either. 😉

Live Life Like A Bear Quote

Sleep for months at a time.

Favorite Exercise Quote


Don'T Need Alcohol To Make Bad Decisions Quote

I’m like a superhero.

Socks Are Single Quote

And they’re likely to never find a mate.

Guy Just Drinking Coffee Quote

What an evil man!

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Organic Vegetables Quote

The darn grocery store got me again.

People Are Like Slinkies Quote

Also they’re a

Difference Between Left And Right Hand Quote

Some of us have two hands that don’t know how to do anything.

Follow Your Dreams Quote

Believe in yourself

Adults Just Want To Go Home Quote

Home is the best. That’s where my food and wifi are.

Drinking Coffee Is Easy Quote

Ah, well, take what you can get!

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