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18 Minion Memes for Every Minion Fan

Minion Coffee Lots of coffee. 
Quote Far Far Away Can I go now?
Minion Your Past Celebrate it!
Minion StutterThen you start running through the dog and cat names.
Minion So BoredHa. 
Minion ShortestIs that you?
Minion Regret Past Don’t regret your past.

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Minion Pretending HappyYou are so strong.
Minion My FaceNo!
Minion Mom TooThanks moms for doing so much! And dads for doing so much too!
Minion Listening To Wife I agree!
Minion Kid WeirdScared. 
Minion Hate PeopleThey don’t.
Minion HangoverThat explains it.
Minion Ghost Favorite Punny
Minion Endangered Hmm.
Minion Did You Know Ha.
Minion College DegreeJust try to be smart.

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