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19 Great Outdoor DIY Projects for Your Patio

Diy Tic Tac

Create an outdoor game of Tic-Tac-Toe



Diy Patio Table

Make the patio perfect for drinks and relaxing with a DIY patio drink table



Diy Tabletop Fire

Add ambiance with a DIY fire tabletop bowl



Diy Curb Dresser Bar

Put an old dresser to new use by turning it into an attractive outdoor bar



Diy Mason Jar

Make and hang these Mason jar lights using materials from the Dollar Store



Diy Patio Privacy

Get the privacy you crave with DIY patio privacy screens



Diy Umbrella Table

Repurpose an old umbrella stand into a chic side table



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Diy All Weather Outdoor Art

Shower curtains help you make durable outdoor all-weather art



Diy Outdoor Movie Theater

Construct an outdoor movie theatre for your garden in a weekend



Diy Solar Stones

Light up the night with solar-powered glowing patio stones



Diy Shower Curtain Rug

Get a durable and easy-to-clean outdoor rug with a shower curtain DIY rug



Diy Day Bed

Make the most comfortable spot possible with a DIY outdoor day bed



Diy Slide Wire Canopy

Construct a DIY slide-wire canopy



Diy Yard Yahtzee

Have a fun night with a DIY yard Yahtzee set



Diy Bowling Game

Or what about a DIY yard bowling game?



Diy Crochet Rug

Crochet your own outdoor rug



Diy Recycled Hoses

Recycle your old garden hoses into an amazing outdoor rug



Diy Kids Patio

Give the kids their own mini patio chairs with this free DIY plan



Diy Flower Pot Light

From an outdoor planter to a chic outdoor light

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