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18 School Photo Meme Pictures So Bad You’ll Love Them

School Photo Fail Meme Of A Photographer Who Can'T Do His Job

The photographer had one job.

School Picture Meme Of A Girl Who'S Future Is So Bright She Is Squinting

This girl’s future is so bright she can’t open her eyes!

School Picture Fail Of Girl Looking Like She'S Holding Something In

This girl looks like she’s holding a fart in.

School Picture Meme Fail Of This Kid Who Looks Like He'S Holding A Fart In

And this kid looks like he’s holding more than a fart in!

School Photo Meme Of A Kid With A Nice Choice Of Tshirt For Picture Day

This little boy has a great choice in fashion.

School Photo Fail Capturing A Kid'S Smile That Sums Up 2020

This kid’s smile pretty much sums up 2020!

School Picture Fail  Bang Up Job On That Hair

Her hairdresser did a BANG up hair style for her school photo day.

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School Photo Meme Of This Kid Who Does Not Wanna Be On Camera

This poor girl really doesn’t want to be in front of the camera.

School Picture Meme Of A Hair Raising Experience

What a hair raising experience this must have been!

School Picture Fail Meme Of A Girl Who Clearly Didn'T Graduate

Poor girl obviously didn’t graduate with the rest of her class!

School Photo Fail Meme Of A Girl Who Is Up To Something

This innocent little girl is definitely up to something not innocent!

School Picture Meme Of This Kid Who Looks Like She'S Plotting Her Revenge

And her accomplice is next door planning her revenge.

School Photo Meme Of A Nerd Who'S A Little Gangsta

This nerdy looking kid’s smirk shows that he knows he’s showing off a little bling.

School Photo Meme Of A Kid With Devil Horns

This kid’s parents obviously didn’t think he could rearrange his hair gel!

School Picture Fail Photo Of A Kid Who Wants To Cut You

This kid’s expression tells you that he wants to cut you!

School Photo Fail With Her Finger In Nose At The Wrong Time

Timing of this photographer is just impeccable!

School Photo Meme Of Big Hair 80'S

So it looks like the 80’s hair is back!

School Photo Meme Of A Kid Whose Parents Mixed Up Pj Day With Photo Day

Mark school photo day on your calendar now… so this doesn’t happen to your kid!

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