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20 Great DIY Back-to-School Projects

Make a DIY glittery notebook with a slime pocket

Want your own french fry container to hold pencils?

Never be without a flash drive — make a USB EOS!

Get everything sorted with a DIY desk organizer

Keep your gum in a cute DIY retro gum holder that looks like a cassette tape

Turn a Tic Tac container into a mini pineapple pencil sharpener

Recycle a mint container into a DIY portable earbud holder

Don’t lose your place — make a DIY bookmark set

Craft cute binders to keep everything sorted

Turn your favorite emoji design into a fun DIY eraser

Notes look great in a beautiful handpainted notebook

Get a dreamy look with a DIY watercolor backpack

Stash pads discreetly in a notebook – perfect for clear backpacks

Turn a soda box into a clever pencil box

Have a highligter when you need it by combining it with an EOS case

Keep your pencils in a cute cactus DIY pencil bag

Make some adorable pen and pencil holders from jars

Love unicorns? Make this DIY unicorn notebook 

Gather your school supplies and make a DIY homework/supply station

Keep things nice and tidy with a minimalistic station

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