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20 New Minion Quotes

Minio Three Stages

Then the crushing despair settles in.

New Minions Quotes

Cousins are awesome.
well, mine are.
i can’t speak for yours.

Hope they’re awesome!

Hilarious New Minion Quotes

Yes, i dance in my car.
yes, i see you staring at me.
no, i don’t care.

La la la la.

Hilarious Minion Quotes

I don’t understand why dentists in toothpaste ads
have stethoscopes around their necks?

Yeah, why is that?

New Minion Quotes

Today the little angel on my left shoulder
is on vacation.
i’m alone with the red guy so look out, here comes trouble.

Oh boy.

New Minion Quotes

everything has an end
except family=> it has i love you
if you love your family, share this!

Love your family!

New Minions Quotes

My brain cells, skin cells, and hair cells continue to die.
but my stubborn fat cells seem to have eternal life.

Stubborn little devils.

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New Minions Quotes

You may be gone.
from my sight…
but you are never gone from my heart.

Know it!

Hilarious Minions Quotes.

Being single doesn’t mean no one wants you.
it means god is still busy writing your love story.

Be patient.

New Minion Quotes

What is “grammatude” you ask??
mess with my grandchildren and you’ll find out!!!

Grandma is amazing!

Minion Quotes

There should be a calorie refund for things
that didn’t taste as good as you expected.

Seriously, this is the best idea.

Funny Minion New Quotes

Sometimes you will never know the true value
of a moment until it becomes a memory.

Treasure all of it.

Hilarious New Funny Minion Quote

I’m having an out-of-money experience.

Someone help me out!

Hilarious Minion Quotes

As a kid i think i ate too many rice krispies.
now, all my body does is snap, crackle and pop!

Snap snap..too much crackle, too much pop.

New Minion Quotes

Sometimes it’s not the song that makes you emotional.
it’s the people and things that come to your mind
when you hear it.

Those are the sad moments.

Hilarious Minion Quotes

Most people don’t think i’m as old as i am
until they hear me stand up.


Funny New Minion Quotes

Oh my goodness!!
can you imagine if there were two of me?

It’s so horrible!

New Minion Quotes

You know why you like me?
because you are freaking crazy too!

And that’s good!

Funny Minion Quotes

The secret of enjoying a good wine:
1. Open a bottle and allow it to breathe.
2. If it does not look like it’s breathing give it mouth-to-mouth.

Proper saving of the wine is required.

New Minion Quotes

Hey you!
yes you!
you will be ok!

You will!

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