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TFB Short Clips

20 Sarcastic and Seriously Funny Quotes
Funny Abs WineHidden deep.
Funny Access ToothbrushOr else.
Funny DareIt was grossly dramatized.
Funny LawnmowerHa.
Funny Murder 3 AmThe snoring.
Funny NintendoNintendo!
Funny Rich MonopolySettle down.
Funny SparkleSparkle on!
Funny 50Shades Dark CirclesSo many shades.
Funny FitishLoves food.
Funny Pinning RoutinesNah.
Funny PlankingIt burns.
Funny Spider LapThe scariest of the rides.
Funny Deserve ItSeems logical.
Funny Bring Food LeaveBring it!
Funny Suck FunGo.
Funny AdmissionOuch.
Funny Need 7 StarvingGive me the cash.
Funny MombiePoor moms!
Funny Mothers LoveWatch it.

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