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24 Funny Crochet Patterns For Some DIY Fun

Funny Crochet Patterns - cat butt coasters

Make crocheted cat butt coasters to help break the ice with your guests so they’ll ask about your funny crochet patterns.

Funny Crochet Patterns - butterfly bookmark

Mark a place in your book with an easy butterfly bookmark

Funny Crochet Patterns - non spikey fake cacti

No green thumb, no problem: Crochet little cacti for Mason jar containers

Funny Crochet Patterns - animal ears headbands

Make crochet animal headbands for a funny crochet project for your kids!

Funny Crochet Patterns - crochet booties

Make a set of baby Converse crochet booties

Funny Crochet FREE DIY pattern - crochet sloth because why not

Create a cuddly finger-hugging sloth crochet toy.

Funny Crochet - crochet bear Make Dobby the Elf as a crochet toy

Funny Crochet Patterns - donut pillow

How about doughnut pillows for a funny crochet pattern for your teen’s room.

Funny Crochet project - farmers market bag

Crochet the perfect farmer’s bag for market runs

Funny Crochet Shark

Is it safe to go in the water with the crochet shark? Maybe!

Funny Crochet tooth fairy pillow

Have a safe spot for the tooth fairy to find the tooth and leave money with a tooth pillow

Funny and useful Crochet - kitchen towel

Decorate your kitchen with a crochet cupcake kitchen towel

Funny Crochet Patterns - granny stitch baby dress

Craft a sweet Granny dress for a child

Funny Crochet Patterns - crochet doll

Make an adorable Cinderella crochet toy for your desk

Funny Crochet Patterns - roses

Give roses that never die with a set of crochet florals

Funny Crochet Patterns - back pack

Make a boho crochet backpack

Funny Crochet Patterns - unicorn

Cuddle up with a crocheted kawaii unicorn

elephant blankie - Funny Crochet Patterns

This cuddly elephant blankie will make any child smile

rainbow toddler hoodie - Funny Crochet Patterns

Get ready for fall early with a crocheted rainbow hoodie

Funny Crochet Patterns - blue cardigan

Make a soft spring cardigan

Funny Crochet Patterns - bag

If new to crochet, start with an easy bag – perfect for kids!

Funny Crochet Patterns - rag doll llama

Is there anything cuter than this crochet llama? Nah!

Funny Crochet Patterns - swiffer cover

Cover your Swiffer with a new scrubby cover

Rock a new bag with this Chevron patterned look

Check here for some more fall DIY ideas for some fun filled activities.

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