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21 Crayon DIY Crafts That Are Easy Yet Amazing

Crayon Diy Crafts - Mac Lipsticks

Use crayons to make amazing MAC-Inspired lipsticks

Crayon Diy Crafts - Necklace

Crayon crafts can even include jewelry, such as this melted crayon necklace

Crayon Diy Crafts - Stained Glass Window

Stained glass is timeless, and you can replicate the look with crayon stained glass art

Crayon Diy Crafts - Colorful Candles

Candles are pretty, but what about these? Yes, they’re candles made from crayons!

Crayon Diy Crafts - Valentines Day Heart

Take some favorite shades and make this great DIY crayon art card for any occasion

Crayon Diy Crafts - Pendant

Maybe you prefer a crayon craft of a pendant for a clever teen DIY

Crayon Diy Crafts - Wine Bottle Seal

If you make homebrew, or just want a pretty wine bottle, make a bottle seal with crayons

Crayon Diy Crafts - Cracked Glass Jar

A cracked glass effect with crayons gives your glass bottle some mystique

Crayon Diy Crafts - Sensory Bottle

Sensory bottles are a great DIY craft for anxiety, and crayons make a fun sensory bottle

Crayon Diy Crafts - Christmas Ornaments

Gear up for Christmas with a DIY crayon ornament

Crayon Diy Crafts - Drip Art Jackson Pollack

There’s all kinds of crayon art projects out there, but this art features a drip effect

Crayon Diy Crafts - Dipped Candles

Have a special event like a wedding coming up? Make crayon dipped candles for a dreamy look

Crayon Diy Crafts - Mason Jar

Give your favorite teacher a handy desk holder with a crayon jar

Crayon Diy Crafts - Sun Catcher

Create a suncatcher using crayon shavings

Crayon Diy Crafts - Purple Play Dough

Use purple crayons (or pick another shade) to make fun play dough

Crayon Diy Crafts - Chandelier

Would you believe this chandelier is made with crayons and wax paper?

Crayon Diy Crafts - Dinosaurs

You can even make a new set of crayons with old crayons, this time in fun shapes

Crayon Diy Crafts - Mosaic Art

Crayons can even form DIY mosaic art

Crayon Diy Crafts - T-Shirt

Take a simple T-shirt and some old crayons, and bam, you’ve got wearable art

Crayon Diy Crafts - Lip Gloss

Get pretty shiny and soft lips with an easy 2-ingredient crayon lipgloss

Crayon Diy Crafts - Easter Eggs

Your crayon Easter eggs will be the centerpiece of any basket

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