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21 Amazing Halloween Nail Art Ideas for All Ages and Skill Levels

Halloween Nail Art  Vintage

Image: scratch nail spa

This collection of black and grey Halloween nails has a cool vintage look, plus the spiders and their webs have been accented with crystals. Gorgeous work!

Halloween Nail Art  Disney

Image: b_dazzled

Headed to a Disney Park this Halloween or just a big fan of the Mouse? B_DazzledBeauty has created a series of Mickey heads but with a Halloween twist.  These Halloween nails even feature a candy corn-painted Mickey.

Halloween Nail Designs  Black Cat

Image: robin moses nail art

YouTuber Robin Moses Nail Art has a set of Halloween nails perfect for the black cat lover. Her whimsical cat illustrations are atop a shiny green making it an awesome and eye-catching Halloween nail set.

Halloween Nail Designs  Cat Bat

Image: coyarose

Is it a bat? A cat? No, it’s a cat bat! @Coyarose’s design of bats, skulls and cats, and is a unique set of Halloween nail art that will stand out immediately.

Halloween Nail Designs  Spooky

Image: rainbow nails

With just various shades of black and orange, Rainbow Nails by Sylvia features a spooky motif in this Halloween nail art. There’s even a nail “dripping” blood, and an illuminated house.

Halloween Nail Designs  Pennywise

Image: toxic vanity blog

Wow, Pennywise/IT fans can’t miss this set of Halloween nails. The horror icon is depicted perfectly with his portrait spanning across 3 nails.

Halloween Nail Ideas  Adorable Ghosts

Image: madmanis

Not all Halloween nail art needs to be scary or creepy. This set of adorable ghosts by Madmanis would be perfect for kids to do.

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Halloween Nail Ideas  Zombies

Image: unknown artist

Zombie lovers, this is your set of nails. They even feature ‘stitches’ like the assembled body parts of various individuals from your favorite zombie films.

Halloween Nail Ideas  Monster

Image: elleandish

Here’s another good idea for Halloween nail art for kids. Elleandish has some adorable Halloween nail designs of a multi-eyed monster, a wailing ghost, and some creepy drips.

Halloween Nail Ideas

Image: pippy polish

A set of big-eyed spiders would look great on children or adults, plus this Halloween nail art only uses orange, white, and black so you don’t have to stock up too much on supplies.

Halloween Nail Ideas  Bats

Image: nail loopy

We just can’t get enough of bats in our Halloween nail art likes. Nail Loopy also uses a black and orange color scheme for bats that pop on a bright background.

Halloween Nail Art  Charlie Brown

Image: nailsbyalexiz

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! If you’re a fan of that classic Peanuts animated special, Nails by Alexiz has a set of nails for you. It even features a broom-riding Woodstock with a “boo” shirt.

Halloween Nail Art  Nightmare Before Christmas

Image: my polish world

Our roundup of Halloween nail art ideas wouldn’t be complete without Nightmare Before Christmas nail designs. You may consider it a Halloween movie while others consider it a Christmas movie, but you have to admit these nails by My Polish World are great for the spooky season.

Halloween Nail Art  Pumpkins

Image: nails by miri

Another set of Halloween nails with just a few colors, Nails by Miri’s designs feature two cute pumpkins and two abstract tips.

Halloween Nail Art  Lady And The Tramp

Image: lady and the stamp

The intricate art of these Halloween nails by Lady and the Stamp are perfect for the skilled painter. You too could create a spooky house and gloomy skies.

Halloween Nail Art  Mummies

Image: 4ubyu

Mummies and spooky eyes by 4ubyu are another fun Halloween nail art idea that isn’t too creepy or difficult.

Halloween Nail Ideas  Ghost

Image: madmanis

Classic black and white ghost motif for that friendly or scary touch!

Halloween Nail Ideas  Fangs And Glitter

Image: vo. Tino

Red is also a great color palette for your Halloween nails, especially if you decide to nails with fangs and glitter accents like @vo.tino has here.

Halloween Nail Art Ideas  Nightmare Before Christmas

Image: decorated digits

Here’s another Nightmare Before Christmas nail design, but this features Oogie Boogie. Love the bright green, purple, and black color scheme by Decorated Digits.

Halloween Nail Ideas  Spiders

Image: unknown artist

If you’re not a fan of spiders, then keep scrolling! But if you do like arachnids, then try this set of red, black, and white nails featuring some creepy crawlies.

Halloween Nail Ideas  Freddy And Jason

Image: haha_nails_

Artist Haha_Nails_ did amazing work on this set of Halloween nail arts featuring horror icons Freddy and Jason.

Halloween Nail Ideas  Beetlejuice

Image: jennys_nailholic

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, boy are these nails amazing. Jennys’_Nailholic has Barbara and Adam in their ghostly appearance complete with googly eyes.

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