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22 Funny Amazon Prime Day Memes To Question Your Sanity

Amazon Prime Day is upon us. Like most things, the hype is bigger than the event. Everyone you know is getting ready to open their wallets for Prime day, and every news headline has something to do with prime day, how can you resist? For starters, check out these prime day memes to make you question your sanity. Then, after you ignore the voice of reason, dive into these prime day deals or prime day apple deals and spend your government stimulus check that hasn’t arrived yet!

Amazon prime day memes that are more than meets the eye!

Trying to hawk useless stuff at a discount to suck you into buying stuff you want at full price since July 15 2015.

Cos you’ve been waiting all year to buy those wrist splints at 50% off!

Who’s gonna check?

Whatever happens, Amazon wins!

A rehash of some Amazon memes that are prime!

Yes they are!

Hook line and sinker.

But I spent what I was going to spend on that tv on stuff I’ll never use!

Amazon Prime Blue Balls Syndrome.

People just can’t help themselves!

It’s like a drug!

Unlike their prices for granny underwear!

Me and my granny both!

Is this a trap?

Amazon prime day memes meet broke AF memes!

Amazon prime day memes meet companies making bank during covid memes.

No you don’t!

The voice of reason from a bank account will never win!

Desperate times call for desperate measures!

Just not the same.

Gotta spend money to save money!


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