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Stimulus Check Memes

So 20 million people became unemployed in the last 3 weeks because of the Coronavirus. That’s a lot of mouths to feed. Uncle Sam was gracious enough to hand out $1200 to every one of these 20 million people and then some. And, all you gotta do is make less than $99,000 bucks last year. Ha! like that’s gonna be a problem! Anyway no sooner than the government announced that the checks were in the mail, stimulus check memes started popping up in everyones inboxes. Here are some of the best while you contemplate how best to spend your stimulus checks.

That’s 2 stimulus checks to be exact.

Stimulus Check Memes  What Would You Do If You Had 1200 Dollars

Credit: chris sheerin

Since we’re on the topic of 2s…

Here’s a “COUPLE” of first world problems.

Taco Tuesday, here we come!

Baby Yoda pleased is not.

Flaunt it while you’ve got it!

Stimulus checks were not created equal.

Bouncin’ them Bada$$ check on my boat.

Whatcha lookin’ at? Get you own stimulus.

3 Pillars of Democracy during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Money money money.

That’s how it’s done…

I didn’t get my check cos I made more than $99000 dollars last year… boo hoo.

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