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TFB Short Clips

21 Great Funny Minion Quotes
Minin 24 Hurs Good idea!
Minion Relationship They’re worth it.
Minion Parents NoticeClue us in.
Minion Monday AgainGasp!
Minion Do You Want To Save Yes!
Minion Christmas Bulb I like that.
Minion Also Pjs 1Yay.
Minion Act Normal Just feels weird.
Miion Drunk DisorderlyHaha.
Minion Weird Crap BoredWe all do.
Minion Sneeze That’s awful.
Minion Santa Pity.
Minion Lay Down FloridaYes. Please.
Minion Good Life The true cures.
Minion FriendshipsTrue.

Minion Friends WeirdCherish them.
Minion Backwards Upside Reading it is easy!
Minin Hug Ging NPass it!
Minin Tk My MindLikely.
Minin Stress InvisibleWhy?!

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