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32 Funny Fails and Glitches of the Sims

Sims Baby Cat…What is it? Get out!
Sims Baby Dishwasher I’ve heard of throw the baby out with the bathwater but this is ridiculous.
Sims Break FreeDid you mean to make a monkey?
Sims BuffetDinner is on me!
Sims CatWe call him Scrambles.
Sims Crib You grew so big!
Sims DanceI MUST!

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Sims Eat Oh.
Sims Girl Pole Like a punch in the gut.
Sims Gone Wrong Moving on.
Sims High Kitchen One with the stove, man.
Sims Horse Fail A mighty no!
Sims Horse HouseWhere did the horse come from? Why is he screaming? So many questions.
Sims HospitalTake him to the hospital!
Sims Hot Dog Well…hot dog.
Sims Painting Sounds legit.
Sims Periods Punch Accurate!
Sims Spoo That’s the way!
Sims Steal Food She’ll never know.
Sims Water Girl Witness!
Funny Sim Household He obviously wants something.
Sims Brush DogYes, that’s how I brush my dog too.
Sims SpinSpin me right round..
Sims Walk BootyThe butt has been corrupted, repeat, the butt has been corrupted.
Sims My Face A face I have to ignore.
Sims Cat IdentityPoor kitty….is that his leg?!!
Sims Face Unrealistic Not just the magazines have these unrealistic images.
Sims Quentin Aw.
Sims CentaurWell, that’s enough internet today.
Sims Frying PanThis meal didn’t pan out.
Sims Swim FloorJust taking a nice swim.
Sims Flush Yourself So no one told you life was going to be this way…
Sims Computer StreetShe has to be a college student.

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