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24 Hilarious and Funny Quotes for Sharp-Tongued Women

Funny Apaprently Basement That’s a nice surprise.
Funny Are Yu 12 Sassy. 
Funny Church Drunk Vide That’s a trip.
Funny Customer Service VoiceWho is she?!

Funny Dntt Care AbutThat’s the way.

Funny Fab MeWhyyy?
Funny Finally FiguredTook some deduction.

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Funny Hate AllEqually!
Funny Helpless WomanBeware.
Funny Mixed DrinksWait, what?
Funny OctopusThat’s..brutal.
Funny Parents Job Yeah!
Funny Sassy Pants Here I come!
Funny Strange Smell Attic Hmm.
Funny Tell Me Nt All the things.
Funny Walked Away Flight or flight, you know.
Funny Wmans Mind So much.
Funny Charm Country girls!
Funny BrightensSavage.
Funny Be Savage See?
Funny Tripped Fell IntThey’re gone now.
Funny Glam Arent LoksPrepared.

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