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21 Very Funny Animal Memes Of The Day

Very Funny Animal Memes  So True

Watches every mouth movement…

Very Funny Animal Memes  Shaved Feet

Looks like a penguin!

Very Funny Animal Memes  Cat Lady Detector

Cat lady detector

Very Funny Cat Memes  Sneaky Stretch

Sneaky stretch…

Very Funny Dog Memes  Dog Buttcheeks

Furry buttcheeks.

Very Funny Animal Memes  Click Now

Can’t click fast enough.

Very Funny Cat Memes  Stray Cat In A Box

Stray cat in a box.

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Very Funny Cat Meme  Dab

Cat dab.

Very Funny Dog Memes  See My Wiener

Too close for comfort.

Very Funny Puppy Memes  Please Don'T Dig My Bone Out

Don’t dig my precious bone out…

Very Funny Animal Memes  Dog Ate Homework

If you need proof that your dog ate your homework… download this!

Very Funny Dog Memes  Paw Holding Required

Paw holding required…

Very Funny Cat Memes  Leaving Bed

Step 2 is leaving the bed…. not quite there yet…

Very Funny Husky Memes  Stop Teasing

Stop teasing…

Very Funny Animal Memes  Packed For Vacation

Don’t leave without me!

Very Funny Cat Memes  Turtle

A box turtle…

Very Funny Cat Memes  The Look Of Hangry

That “Hangry” look.

Very Funny Animal Memes  Goat

Goat no time for this…

Very Funny Animal Memes  Sausage Detected...

Sausage detected.

Very Funny Cat Memes  Teamwork

The cats have organized… next they’ll want paid vacation! 

Very Funny Animal Memes  Dog Shaming Fail

Dog shaming fail…

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