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Originally posted on March 17, 2018 @ 2:35 pm

36 Dog Shaming and Other Pet Shaming Pics That are Truly Hilarious

dog shaming - pet shaming and even rabbit shaming.

Great example of pet shaming pics on display!

cat shaming pics - dead mouse on sleeping owner

That’s not a good breakfast. 

cat shaming pics - turned oven on and set fire to kitchen


chicken shaming - pet chicken spaghetti thief

Even chickens get shamed.

chicken shaming - terrorizes tiny humans

Mean chicken.

dog shaming - bible bashers

Dog shaming these sinners!

dog shaming - broke family member by sitting on him

That was some shaming.

dog shaming - barfed on napping child


dog shaming pics - full from eating his and his brother's food

His stomach looks like he ate his brother too!

dog shaming pic - old dog wakes himself with own farts

I bet you wake up your humans too.

dog shaming - sparkly poop after eating glitter


dog shaming - ate owner's shoes

The little one sees no shame.

dog shaming - ate vaseline now needs diaper

Why? There are so many other things to eat.

chicken shaming pics - chicken doesn't lay eggs

Pet shaming knows no limits!

dog shaming - stronger than the force

Yoda and the force is no match for good boys!

dog shaming - shop lifter dog

But he’s so cute, I think PetSmart didn’t mind!

dog shaming - paper eater

Good boy!

bunny shaming - jumped in toilet

Poor bun.

rabbit shaming - hoped on keyboard and ripped off the f

Mean little bunny.

dog shaming - bites everything

Seems legit.

dog shaming - ate alarm sensor which alerted police

Probably the best call they got.

dog shaming - butt licker

Oh that’s creative.

dog shaming - let robber in

He was just too friendly.

cat shaming - sniff burning candles now no eyebrows

Still cute though.

cat shaming pics - ate all christmas village villagers

Freya, think of what your namesake would say!

dog shaming - peed on ups packages in ups truck

Oh..not a Merry Christmas.

parrot shaming - sings opera at 3am

Bad parrot.

cat shaming pics - throws favorite toy in toilet

But why?!

cat shaming - peed on toaster

Death to toast.

chicken shaming - bites kittens

Yeah he looks it.

cat shaming - eats goldfish biscuits

Some cats like catnip…some like Goldfish.

fish shaming - that's a first

Even fish can be shamed.

horse shaming - hates dogs

Oh quit horsing around, you two.

horse shaming pics - poop in automatic waterer

You don’t live up to your name.

fish shaming - cannibal

Just when they thought it was safe to go into the water.

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