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22 Amusing, Shocking, and Funny Whisper Secrets

Whisper Avocado Home

Game that system.

Whisper Finding Him

Oops, that pulling out trick never works!

Whisper Areas Horrible

Online dating app, who knew it could be a beauty metric for entire cities!

Whisper Disney World Shift

The Disney magic comes in a glass.

Whisper Fired Mcdonalds

You were Mcfired.

Whisper Twin That

A life hack.

Whisper Nun Clubs

It’s a habit.

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Whisper Olympics Run 1

It would be something to watch, wait, that actually happened! Check out Eddie the Eagle!

Whisper Bleeding

Give us this.

Whisper Dolphin

There’s most definitely a dolphin. It’s there on porpoise.

Whisper Spider Octopus


Whisper Switching 3 Apps

We all do.

Whisper Spill Wine

A simple test.

Whisper Legos

The most evil prank.

Whisper Tutorial

Don’t we all?

Whisper Swap Bf

Really? They can’t tell?

Whisper Same Cancer

Oh, that’s a karmic event.

Whisper Roommates


Whisper Job Pizza

Gotta eat…

Whisper Hate Son


Whisper Faking Accent

What happens when you slip up?

Whisper Account


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