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22 Funny Sayings, Witty Quotes, and Sarcastic Words
Funny Age Like Milk

There’s a difference.

Funny Brain SilentStop.
Funny Delightfully DifficultHa.
Funny Elsa Bothers Cold It does!
Funny Even Overthink Too..
Funny Gangster Be kind!
Funny Jomo Sounds about right.

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Funny Sheriff DepartmentSmart.
Funny Spring Hard To Get/>Come back
Funny WisecrackingThe queen
Funny Coffee StoppableYou’ve got it!
Funny Email BurnsEmails take forever!
Quote Weird Talk To YourselfNo.
Funny Still SharkAw,parenting.
Funny Got It Together Respect all the parents.
Funny GooglingYou do you, mom
Funny Siri DriverSiri wants to go!
Funny Aggressive CucumberVery prickly.
Funny Delivery KarmaThat would be a job for sure.
Funny Reply YesDone.
Funny Several TimesWe all don’t.

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