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22 Hilarious and Silly Quotes
Funny Pour Wine LaughIt was such a dream!
Funny Dont Say Love Great lesson.
Funny Didnt Set My AlarmAt least they’re honest.
Funny Huge DeadlineSelf-sabotage.
Funny Wear Black Beautiful day for black.
Funny Think Im The One Hah.
Funny Snapped FamousIt was a mild day….

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Funny Only Rooster No, we all can. 
Funny Narrator BiteMore than a bite indeed. 
Funny Low Carb DietVery reasonable.
Funny Leaving You WeekendParting is not a sorrow.
Funny Housework MovieAll of them?
Funny Happy Know It And that’s okay!
Funny Drink AgainAw. The mother’s happiness.
Funny Blocked Streets Just so you know.
Funny Be Reason Smiles Either or.
Funny 9 Months Birth Poor moms.
Funny Difficult Computer
Funny All Other DecisionsHmm.
Funny Pro Athlete Hope for the best!
Funny Eyelash Ironic I know, why is that?
Funny Netflix Food Open the app, close the app.
Funny Study Time It’s a paradox.
Funny Happy DeathPizza is happy making.

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