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Dogs can be strange creatures, but cats may be stranger. You’ve seen the Nat Geo show Unlikely Animal Friends, but who is more unlikely than a nervous canine and a protective feline?

20. How It All Began

Best Friends

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Though most cats and dogs don’t get along, it seems that some do! Again, the owner said that, “The little cat is my kitty I got and her and the big dog took a liking towards one another.”

19. Don’t Be Scurred!

Dog Scared Nervous Puppy Gettyimages 731842637 1120

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The owner of the duo says, “the big pup is our family is a rescue dog and he’s always been a nervous guy. At the time this video was taken there was a thunderstorm which he is especially scared of.

18. Why So Nervous?

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The doggie in the video is a rescue pup. “So that’s why he’s such a nervous guy,” the owner stated, “but this (video) was during a thunderstorm which triggers his anxiety more than anything.”

17. The Telltale

Dog And Cat

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“We started noticing that when he was having visible anxiety he would go hide in the bathroom and sometimes the basement, and she started hanging with him and it seemed like her presence comforted him.”

16. Be Happy!

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Don’t worry, the owner is very good to the dog and has been treating him for the anxiety. “I’ve been trying out CBD and it seems to help phenomenally,” she promised.

15. Chewy the Chihuahua


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Here is one of the duo’s owner’s other pets. His name is Chewy, and he’s a black Chihuahua. Seems like Chewy has a bit of a problem keeping his oversized tongue in his mouth!

14. Very Smart


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And here we have a black lab that lives with the dynamic duo as well. He looks very smart in his glasses, doesn’t he?

13. What’s The Doggo’s Breed?

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The nervous dog afraid of thunderstorms is believed to be a Rottweiler/Border Collie Mix. He was a stray rescue dog that was near starvation when the owner took him in.

12. Dogs Do Get Anxiety

Dog Care Common Dog Behavior Problems Overcoming Separation

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The going question after seeing this video is, “do dogs really get nervous?” You’ve heard of separation anxiety in dogs, and the short answer is, “yes they do, and the owner is not usually at fault.”

11. Experts Say


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Both Cesar Millan and Dr. Christopher Pachel, a board certified veterinary behaviorist, have confirmed that dogs can suffer from anxiety as well as PTSD. It’s something that takes a while to get over! A calm and assertive energy is needed at all times. This is likely why thunderstorms would trigger such a thing.

10. What Other Owners Say

Dog Owner

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As a dog-owner myself, I can say that dogs (especially rescue dogs) can develop problems out of your current control. It takes time to heal old wounds.

9. The Real Point

Unusual Animal Friendship 11 3

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That said, people are missing the real point of this story. The point is that these two pets rely on each other. They make up for each other’s weaknesses. Something we as humans should learn from.

8. Unlikely Friends

2095011 Unlikely Animal Friend

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This sort of friendship is few and far between, so why not honor a few of our sweetest combos in history?

7. More Besties!

I found Luna comforting our ginger cat Charlie who wasn’t feeling good after a car journey. She always knows when someone needs a cuddle from aww

If you think that these two are adorable, then just wait till you see the cat and dog we have in store. Here’s another duo who comfort each other, it’s Luna and Ginger!

6. A Jungle Book!

Unusual Animal Friendship Chimp

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What a strange pair! This chimp and white tiger are best friends! The chimp acts as a surrogate mother for the tiger who is without one of his own.

5. Playin’ Chicken


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This disabled dog found the best friend he could! A chicken that would do everything with him. The two have an unbreakable bond that brings a tear to your eye.

4. Best Friends

Best Friends

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Like we said before, these two are best friends! They hang out every day and the cat has been helping the doggo overcome many of his previous problems.

3. The Video That Set The World On Fire

My dog has bad anxiety and hides in the bathroom but my cat always tries to comfort him from aww

And here it is! During the thunderstorm, this dog hid in the bathroom, as nervous as could be. Thanks to his human and helpful kitty friend, he felt much calmer by their presence!

2. Don’t Forget!

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If you are in love with these two, don’t forget to drop by and let nikthemermaid know you did! Her pets are the greatest!

1. Mission: Complete

Rawr from aww

Now if that doesn’t brighten your day, then you need a mental health check! Ahh…there’s nothing quite like Reddit’s Aww section!


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