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10 Hilarious News Memes for Thursday

1. Nadella Chairman of Microsoft

Nadella Named Chairman Of Microsoft Meme

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2. Airlines Suffer Website Disruptions

Airline Disruption Meme

Find out more about this story now.

3. It’s Hot

Hot Weather In Us Meme

Get all caught up on this article. Also here for some hilarious heatwave memes.

4. How Worrying is the Delta Variant?

Delta Variant Meme

Be informed and read on.

5. Millionaire Couple Fined For COVID Vaccine Fraud

Millionaires Fined For Jumping Line For Covid19 Vaccine Meme

Curious about the details of this story? Read on.

6. Spanish Man Eats Own Mother

Spanish Man Eats Own Mother Meme

We have all the latest updates here.

7. Mexico City Subway Line Collapse

Mexico Subway Collapse Meme

Get up to speed on this story.

8. Hamas Sends Incendiary Balloons to Israel

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Hamas Sends Balloon With Explosives To Israel Meme

Find out the latest developments.

9. Putin Gets Sunglasses from Biden

Putin Gets Sunglasses From Biden Meme

Get yourself prepped for that water cooler banter.

10. Chinese Send Astronauts to Space Station

Chinese Sends Astronauts To Space Station Meme

Get up to date on this story.

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