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10 Funny Headline Memes for Hump Day

1. Inflation Records Biggest Jump

Inflation Records Biggest Jump On Record Meme

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2. DOT fines Air Canada

Dot Fines Air Canada Meme

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3. Amazon Encourages Customers to Just Walk Out

Amazon Just Walk Out Meme

Follow what’s going on here.

4. IKEA and LENOVO Products Still in Suez

Ikea Lenovo Products In Suez Meme

Keep on top of this development.

5. UK Australia Trade Deal Signed

Uk Australia Trade Deal Meme

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6. Delta Variant is Concerning

Delta Variant Meme

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7. Proud Boys Chaos After Insurrection

Proud Boys Chaos Meme

Be up to date on this conversation starter.

8. IKEA Fined for Spying on Employees

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Ikea Fined For Spying On Employees Meme

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9. Peloton Has New Security Problem

Peloton Security Problem Meme

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10. Hungary Cracks Down on LGBT

Hungary Lgbt Crackdown Meme

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