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30 Summer Memes That Are Likely Instantly Relatable
Funny New Blankets

So many blankets.. and then no blankets!



Funny Summer Coming

It’s here. Ready the pool.



Funny Water Sprinklers




Funny Water Park Fun

Just a bit crowded.



Funny Thinking Sunscreen




Funny Tent Inside

Hiding here until fall.



Funny Summer Sweat

Me too.



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Funny Summer Seagull

They’re ready!



Funny Summer Ice

I want to live here.



Funny Summer Hot

Just a bit.



Funny Makeup Melt

So much melting.



Funny Heat Wave

Not one bit!



Funny Burns Us




Funny Baseball Cntrller




Funny Polter Pool

That will cure it.



Funny Summer Nostalgia




Funny All Feel

Pretty much.

Funny Dog Drink




Funny Friends Ac

I love you A/C.



Funny Active Sign

Sad to think they had to have a “situation” that necessitated this sign.



Funny Bbq Pool




Funny 1St Day Summer Break

Hang in there, parents.



Funny Summer Vacation Will




Funny Ipad Bee

Me too. Me too.



Funny Insagram Boyfriend

Peak insta.



Funny Summer Diet




Funny Beer Suffering




Funny What Is Torture

It’s madness!



Funny Heat Weather


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