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41 Totally Relatable Memes

Kermit Dropout

That snooze button will ruin me.



Kermit Get Mad About Nothing

Ruin it all!



Kermit Overeact

Everything is terrible and you should get mad about it.



Kermit Productivity

Day well spent.



Kermit Spend It All

Order everything and don’t leave the house.



Meme 15 Minutes Argument Oh…this isn’t good.



Meme 25 Minutes Longer How. Dare. You.



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Meme Are You Lost

Why are you here?



Meme Argue Mom

This isn’t going anywhere.



Meme Dish Water

What is in there?



Meme Flying Bug

What is it?! Oh my God.



Meme Funny Meme

I’m going to share this.



Meme Group

You have been eliminated.



Meme Headphones

I just can’t move an inch.



Meme Horoscopes

Damn, nailed it.



Meme How Kids

I have been through hell and back.



Meme Laughed Hard At

How could you?




Meme Nuggets

They were my nugs.



Meme Out Of Milk

This is all a disaster.



Meme Pill Dissolving

Ugh it tastes like chalk.



Meme Professor

What are they saying?



Meme Repeat 98 Times

I give up.



Meme Stressed 11

It doesn’t even go that high.



Meme Tap Pockets

Where…where is it!?



Meme When You

I waited all night for that?



Meme When Your Phone Dies

I’ve never seen such a creature.




Humor Sarcasm Memes Funny 4133336

If you insist on touching me, please tell me your name.



Meme Break Up

Wipe them all clean.



Meme Conclusion

This is all done. All of this.



Meme Group Text Hours

Take it elsewhere!



Meme Did you see it?!



Meme Wednesday




Meme When Spoiler

How could you? 



Meme When You Call

But why?



Meme Opening Oven

It’s hotter than the sun.



Meme Split Appetizer

Not fair.

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