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30 My Plans Memes Because Everything is Canceled
Plans Mad Men

Didn’t see it coming.

Plans 2020 Sideshowbob

I can feel this picture.

Plans Drunk Always

They know the score.

Plans 2020 Bee


Plans 2020 Moleman

Poor Moleman.

Plans Travel 2020Dish

It do feel like that.

Plans 2020 Chili

My plans!

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Plans Joker Hit

2020 hitting us hard.

Plans Goose Fabio

That goose was going straight for the face.

Plans 2020 Lion King


Plans 2020 Twilight


Plans Scream2020


Plans My Pizza

All dashed.

Plans 2020Cats

We had such expectations.

Plans 2020 Titanic


Plans 2020 Seymor

Feed me!

Plans 2020 Scream

It’s like lava.

Plans 2020 Iron

Plans were made.

Plans 2020 Games


Plans 2020 Bricks

They were neatly built, then..

Plans 2020 Backtofuture

A pile of…

Plans Defunct Pinocchio

Just so many things gone wrong.

Plans 2020 Fester

Ahh my sweet!

Plans Bottle Emperor

It’s the wrong bottle!

Plans Declaration

He stole it!

Plans Dip Simpsons

Didn’t hold on.

Plans Larrycat

They got fluffed.

Plans Parent Trsap

Double trouble.

Plans Snl

Everything is on fire.

Plan Always Sunny Stomach


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