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22 Inspirational Quotes to Enjoy

Do you deserve the negativity? Aren’t you worthy of something beautiful? 

You’ll also make yourself feel good in the process.

Shoot higher than you’ve ever shot before.

It’s simple, but sometimes we could do well to repeat this.

They’re not your voice or in control of your life — you are.

After all, aren’t the things that were going to be difficult also great once the difficult parts are over?

Why dwell in the past? You’re not there now. 

Use it as a guide to see how far you’ll go next.

Will you trust yourself to navigate the waters?

It’s a thing of beauty. 

You aren’t ordinary!

And new chances, new possibilities and new vision.

It often isn’t easy. Do it anyway.

That’s your power. 

You don’t look good in stress, so try not to wear it too much.

You may bend but you don’t break.

It’s all you. It always was.

Don’t you like that better?

Just imagine how much you’ve grown through the last year alone.

It will come as a surprise, and you won’t be able to believe itt.

Nourish your body and mind.

Have you figured out yet? Don’t worry, it takes time.

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