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22 Minion Quotes and Memes for All to Love

Minion Quotes And Memes  2Nd Day Savings

I’m going to retire and live off my savings.
what i’ll do the second day, i have no idea.

Big plans though for that first day.

Minion Quotes And Memes  Adopt Male

Daughter: what is marriage?
mom: marriage is just a fancy word for
adopting an overgrown male child who
cannot be handled by his parents anymore…

Minion quotes and memes that pass on age old wisdom.

Minion Quotes And Memes  Believe Beach

Everyone should believe in something.
i believe i should be on a beach drinking margaritas.

Believe in it with me. Help me achieve the dream.

Minion Quotes And Memes  Blue Eyes

People with blue eyes are kind hearted
and always look for the best in others.
they will love with all their heart
and are the type of people who are hard to forget.
they are the best at pretending to be
happy during hard times and will tend to
please others before themselves.
share if you have blue eyes or agree.

Minion quotes and memes for blue eyed girls!

Minion Quote  Dear Best Friend

Dear best friend,
just a daily reminder that you are beautiful
and i love you.

You should know.

Minion Quotes And Meme  Do Not Drive

Do not drink and drive
or you might spill the drink.

A public service announcement in the form of Minion quotes and memes…

Minion Quotes And Memes  Do Not Mess With Me

I’m an odd combination of
really sweet
don’t mess with me.

Deadly combination at times?

Make Your Own Funny Memes Here!

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Minion Quotes And Memes  Good Heart

When you have a good heart:
you help too much,
you trust too much,
you give too much,
you love too much,
and it always seems like
you’re the one who gets hurt the most.

Remember that.

Minion Quotes And Memes  Memories Sneak

Sometimes memories sneak out of my eyes
and roll down my cheeks!

Minion quotes and memes come in sappy versions too!

Minion Quotes And Memes  Obesity

Patient: the problem is that obesity
runs in our family.
doctor: no, the problem is that
no one runs in your family.


Minion Quotes And Memes  Pissing Me Off

I actually don’t need to control my anger.
everyone around me needs to control
their habit of pissing me off.

Seems simple.

Minion Quotes And Memes  Ready For War

Sometimes i wonder if love is worth fighting for.
then i look at you.
i’m ready for war.

I will battle for you!

Minion Quotes And Memes  Reason To Smile

Dear whoever is reading this
i hope you have a reason to smile today.

A great example of a pick me up minion quotes and memes!

Minion Quotes And Memes  Save Myself

When two people really care about each other,
they always find a way to make it work.
no matter how hard it is.

Yeah let’s stick it out!

Minion Quotes And Memes  Slap Yourself

I wish i could make the stupid out of …
and if you think this status is about you…
slap yourself for me!

It’s not.

Minion Quotes And Memes  Summer

summer: hair gets lighter.
skin gets darker.
water gets warmer.
drinks get colder.
music gets louder.
nights get longer.
life gets better.

Summer nights!

Minion Quotes And Memes  Text Smiling

When i’m texting you,
you should know that i’m smiling.

You can’t see it, but know it.

Minion Quotes And Memes  Wife Is Right

Two golden rules to a happy marriage:
1. The wife is always right.
2. When you feel she is wrong,
slap yourself and read rule number 1 again.

Always right.

Minion Quotes And Memes  Happy Piss

Today i got my happy pills and my
pissed off pills mixed up &
i think i took one of each.
so now i’m pissed off but i’m happy about it!

Sounds good.

Minion Quotes And Memes  Heart Earth

If you rearrange the letters earth
it becomes heart.
so even if someone we love is no longer
on earth with us, we know that person
will always be in our heart.


Minion Quotes And Memes  Better Than Me

You can find better than me,
worst than me.
but you’ll never find someone exactly like me.

That’s the gift of me.

Minion Quotes And Memes  Getters

The happiest people in life are the givers,
not the getters.

Which are you?

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