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23 Hilarious New Funny Quotes
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That’s the best one. 

Quote Notice Different Warning.
Funny Safety First Safety…it’s on the list.
Quote VerbalPerspective.
Quote Toast Let’s hear it for them.
Quote Moods Dont Bounce Bouncing along.
Quote EmployedForever!

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Funny Titanic Good Idea So…think about it.
Funny Tesk They might need to know that I’m not going to be very happy about it.
Funny Sorry BoysYep.
Funny Selectively PoliteVery.
Funny See Best So hard.
Funny Pogo Stand Love it.
Funny Paid Too Much That’s what it means!
Funny Monday Whatever Monday the everything.
Funny Lying To Eachother Lies tell me lies.
Funny Law Order Better not risk it.
Funny Give Damn It’s gone.
Funny From First Time Burn.
Funny Eye Contract Keep away.
Funny Essential OilAll.
Funny 523523Boys Oh those boys.
Funny Stfu Parents Mommy had given up.
Funny Hair Ties Rest in peace.
Funny Diet Sprinkles The struggle.
Quote Me No Ah kids.
Quote Ugg Twek This makes me sad.
Quote Cute NotNope, ugly price.
Funny Super ResponsibleAre they the same?

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