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Originally posted on March 2, 2018 @ 4:24 pm

24 Amazing Inspirational Quotes About Life

An essential aspect of creativity
is not being afraid to fail.

It’s a hard aspect to have, but it is.

Be you,
not them.

Be yourself!

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.
Coco Chanel

Again, be yourself.

is the
new beautiful.


Even the models we see in magazines
wish they could look like their own images.
Cheri K. Erdman

A thought when you’re having some self doubt.

Just living is not enough…
one must have sunshine
and a little flower.

He’s wise.

You’ll laugh and cry
stay up till five
revise and thrive
Be poor but rich
Pass with flying colors
Meet lovers
Fall out with others
Have tutors that test you
and Landlords that fleece you
Get ready for the time of your life.

It’s a great adventure!

Give every day the chance
to become the most beautiful day
of your life.

It may very well be one day.

There is no cosmetic for beauty
like happiness.
Marguerite Gardiner Blessington

You can’t buy it in a store.

It’s not how good you are.
It’s how good you want to be.
Paul Arden

Keep working.

It’s not the circumstances that create joy.
It’s You.

Create the joy.

Everything is magic
until it becomes routine.

Keep the magic.

We are neighbors
no matter the distance.

Amazing inspirational quotes about life on earth.

The secret of success
is to be ready when your opportunity comes.

Are you ready?

Our truest life is what we are in dreams awake.
Henry David Thoureau

Do you know it?

If you’re making mistakes
it means you’re out there doing something.
Neil Gaiman

So keep doing!

is the companion of wisdom.
-St. Augustine

It’s hard to have patience.

You can be the ripest juiciest peach in the world
and you’re still going to find someone who hates peaches.
-Dita von Teese

Can’t be everything to everyone.

The work you do while you procrastinate
is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life.

Unless that’s just looking at cat GIFs.

Live big
by appreciating all that is small.

Appreciate it all.

Explore the world around you.

It’s so beautiful.

Pick your life
don’t let it pick you.

Don’t let it run you.

We are all in the gutter
but some of us are looking at the stars.

They’re beautiful.

Discover Yourself

Take a chance.

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