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24 Funny New Quotes for You

I’m a master.

Quote Have Any Idea Like why would I know?
Quote Jack Daniels It’s a match!
Quote X Ray Whyy
Quote Zipa Dee Where is it?
Quotes TolerateReal MVP
Quote Mostly ErrorSo much error

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Quote Sory Hungry So sorry.
Quote SnarkyThere’s a difference
Quote AllergicSounds accurate.
Quote Asking Me Imhungry I always am and do!
Quote Gives Up First Which was it this year?
Quote Pretty Kids Pretty petty
Quote AnymoreHa
Quote EveryoldpersonWhat happened?!
Quote New Password Not fair
Quote Eminem Palms Ah self-diagnosing
Quote Apologize Apologize
Quote How I Look Now Might as well settle
Quote I Always Help Hmm..
Quote Jacket Heself All by herself!
Quote Toxic Trait That’s not bad.
Quote Thank God 10 Parents are savage
Quote CaffeineIt is

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