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32 Funny Animals Guaranteed to Make You Laugh

The cat sure thinks so.


Paging the History Channel, stat!


I can’t tell if he likes it or not!

What. Even.

An out-take from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

Oh you poor child.

Don’t show this to my cat.

Fierce huntress!

Good son, bad son.

What a sweet face.

Nativity scene.

Rudy loves food.

Every cat, everywhere.

Looking spiffy.

All parents need this.

It does not want to get wet.

Soooo cute!

He looks the part!

Bless his heart.

I do the same exact thing.

He is not spoiled, not at all.


I would adopt his little evil soul in a heartbeat!


Yes mam!


Me every day.

Totally cute as heck.

Love it.


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