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Originally posted on April 29, 2018 @ 2:11 pm

24 Funny Sign Memes and Fails

Funny Sign Memes and Fails - hockey legs

They got legs..

Funny Sign Memes and Fails - have to see it to believe it

This sign is wild.

Funny Sign Memes and Fails - throw out baby with the bath water?

Way poor placement.

Funny Sign Memes and Fails - another form of abstinence


Funny Sign Memes and Fails - not subtle at all

They needed to tell them.

Funny Sign Meme and Fails - underage drinking?

Man, the neighborhood has gotten rough.

Funny Sign Fails - which sign came first?

Which came first?

Funny Sign fail - chicken or the egg problem?

Oh Kroger.

Funny Sign placements - religious moment

Vintage fail.

Funny Sign placement memes - hidden message.

Seems like something that shouldn’t be advertised.

funny sign fail - woodchuck would chuck wood

Would you like some wood?

Funny Sign fail - don't ask where your fudge came from

This has to be deliberate.

Funny Sign meme - one way to attract female demographic

You knew what you were doing!

Funny Sign fail - that hitman should be proud

Oh the placement.

Funny Sign placement meme - holy cat

Cats are deities to many.

Man, Jean Valjean is mad!

funny sign fails - kinky legs

More sweet legs.

funny sign fails - librarian jokes

Library has jokes.

funny sign fail - very rebellious

You rebels.

funny sign fail memes - not the intended message

Another poor planning.

funny signs and placements - negativity Aw..
funny road sign fails - all about choices

No truck showers?

funny sign placement - it's a W

The most precisely placed sign ever.

funny sign placement memes - numbers game

The numbers make it.

funny sign placement meme - that's why they're mini donuts

 Eat MINI donuts… not NORMAL donuts… and commit to fitness.

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