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24 Historical Quotes Showing the Lost Art of the Insult

First-ever judge of American Idol.

Don’t mess with Churchill.

Just a historical STD joke.


The inimitable Mae West.

From one of the masters.

Another master insulter from the last millennium. 

A small insult from a big brain.

Most women could say the same.

Sharp wit from the queen of wisecracks.

She probably wished she never commented.

Applicable to any work place.

From one of the pioneers of insult comedy.

No one can doubt the stats on this.

A very polite “glad you’re dead.”

In his proper place.

Said the man who gave up the throne to marry an American.

One of the greats.

I mean…

Insult from a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner.

Aim higher.

Dear Jerry: If only you knew..

Much more erudite than calling someone a sl*t.

Accurate as ever.

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