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25 covid-19 vaccine memes that are hilarious but also scary

Covid19 Vaccine Memes  Evil Plan

Let’s use covid-19 as a catalyst for natural selection.

Covid19 Vaccine Memes  Party Time

Get your masks here!

Covid19 Memes Hilarious Vaccine

Can’t help but wonder what the media has to do about this…

Covid19 Vaccine Hilarious Memes

The hilarious covid-19 memes will come to an end.


So annoying.

Images 2

We’ll take that vaccine!

Images 1 1

Yip, everything is GREAT.

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There’s only one way.

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Dont Trust The 20Ad9F5402

*sips tea*

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Covid Vaccine Jokes 2 5Fae4Ca3A24E0 700

Still the best meme!

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Covid 19 Vaccine Sloth Goonies Vaccine Bad

hEy gUiSe I cAn TrAvEl NoW ThE vAcCiNe wAsN’t ThAt bAd.

Clipimage 5Faea42Ee99C9 700 E1611825425534

Calls for celebration in the meme world.

Clipimage 5Faea4E4Ca350 700 E1611825486177

Just… think about it.

Clipimage 5Fae5616Ea68C 700

The only happiness we found in this pandemic.

1325818871375425542 Png 700 E1611825630600

All the stuff we’ve BEEN putting in our bodies AND NOW people wanna worry.

1325783563527200771 Png 700 E1611825700908

It’s okay just put in your earphones as a defence mechanism.

1325781660013649921 Png 700 E1611825788872

In pfizer we trust.

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Maybe the side effects are not so bad and we all get superpowers!




Educate yourself on how vaccines work, Its a seasonal dose just like the flu, there is a flu vaccine. BUT YOU CAN STILL GET THE FLU.




Why is it that when you can’t go anywhere… you suddenly want to go everywhere

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