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25 Mario Memes Because He’s the Plumber for You and It’s His 35th Anniversary

Mario Memes

How could you? Mario memes are timeless.

Mario Meme

Oh nooooooo……

Funny Mario Memes

They must have found the princess.

Mario Memes Funny

Two kinds of Nintendo characters.

Mario Memes Best

Okay, but that’s love too.

Best Mario Memes

Wait, how you do again?

Hilarious Mario Memes

I’m sorry, did you kill Mario?

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Mario Memes Hilarious

More exciting because it gets you points.

Mario Memes Clean

Just a total night ruiner.

Clean Mario Memes

That’s a Luigi!

Mario Memes Epic

Sizzling Mario memes for all.

Epic Mario Memes

Oh hey, it’s me, your favorite plumber.

Funny Af Mario Memes

Yoshi will try, but Yoshi is going to promise.

Mario Memes Funny Af

Making my way downtown…

Mario Memes Kids

A few things changed.

Kids Mario Memes

Doesn’t that make it awkward, Mario?!

Mario Memes Clean

Here, take this penguin.

Clean Mario Memes

Oh…why would you do this?

Mario Memes Dirty

He’s going to solve some crimes!

Dirty Mario Memes

This is art.

Mario Memes Funniest

He is perfection.

Funniest Mario Memes

Remembering everything about Super Mario 3 despite not playing it for over 20 years.

Awesome Mario Memes

Yeah, that is what? This mario meme is dispensing the logic.

Mario Memes Pictures

Did it work?

Mario Memes Pics


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