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26 Funny Quotes to Save and Share

Funny Alexa Skip Please.
Funny Birthday Name Ha.
Funny Cats MusclesAnd they do.
Funny Check Liver Danger!
Funny D Fr Me An idea.
Funny Delusinal Then I realize…
Funny DivisibleThink about it.

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Funny Dry Shamp It can do all the things.
Funny Grcery Vacatin Beautiful trip.
Funny Installed Bttns It’s her revenge!
Funny Insurance Phne

Did you expect that?

Funny Lit LifeWhat did you do? 
Funny Nt Wed Waiting game.
Funny Parenting Memes Adults as well.
Funny Sunday Frm Planning but failing
Funny Tw Vlumes So loud!
Funy Find Snack It will be better.
Funny Vegetable Sick Didn’t you like the carrot?
Funy Bbq Smells good.
Funny Slices Bread Done!
Funny Traveling Chc And just as delightful.
Funny Distance Future Yep that’s it.
Funny 365 How dare it!
Funny Believe WinningI am.
Funny Cpus Face Sticky!
Funny AngrybirdsThings are different.

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